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Jaunsen Gjestgjevarstad

Jaunsen Gjestegjevarstad has centuries of experience as an overnight stop for travellers. Today's inn comprises three different adjoining buildings standing in a row beside the Hardanger tourist road. "Tingstova" (the courthouse, now the dining room) was built in 1674. "Bondestova" (the farm house, now the kitchen) was built in 1726. These two buildings were joined together in 1926. "Jaunsen-Huset" (the Jaunsen house, now lounges and a lounge with open fireplace) was built between 1759 and 1785. In 1994 the Jaunsen Huset and Tingstova were joined together and refurbished. The whole interior abounds with details in a mixture of the baroque, rococo and Louis Seize styles. Jaunsen believes in offering good food and a friendly and warm atmosphere for travellers, tourists and locals alike.

Bron: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS


Jaunsen Gjestgjevarstad

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