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National Tourist Routes

Scenic roads for exploring Norway's breathtaking landscapes - comprising selected stretches from north to south. 2 of them are in Hardanger. Route 7 Halne/Hardangervidda –Steinsdalsfossen/Norheimsund. Route 550 Utne – Jondal. Route 13 Kinsarvik - Tyssedal. NATIONAL TOURIST ROUTE HARDANGER Driving the National Tourist Route Hardanger takes you through some impressive scenic fjord landscapes. This is a close encounter with the Hardangerfjord, the waterfalls and the orchards. National Tourist Route Hardanger is 158 km long and have four sections; Granvin - Steinsdalsfossen (route 7), Norheimsund - Tørvikbygd (route 49), Jondal - Utne (route 550) and Kinsarvik - Låtefoss (route 13).  There are car ferry services between Tørvikbygd - Jondal and between Utne - Kinsarvik and  Utne – Kvanndal. Some of the highlights to explore while touring the National Tourist Route Hardanger are: Granvin - Steinsdalsfossen (route 7): Steinsdalsfossen waterfall (Norheimsund) and the art centre Kabuso (Øystese). Norheimsund - Tørvikbygd (route 49): Hardanger Maritime Museum (Norheimsund). Jondal - Utne (route 550): Visiting the Folgefonna glacier, driving up from Jondal, is an exciting detour. On the glacier you can join Folgefonni Glacier Team on guided blue ice hikes or enjoy summer skiing at FONNA Glacier Ski Resort. Hardanger Folk Museum (Utne). Kinsarvik - Låtefoss (route 13): Mikkelparken (Kinsarvik), hiking in Husedalen valley (Kinsarvik), hike Munketreppene (Lofthus), The Norwegian Museum of Hydro Power and Industry (Tyssedal) and  Låtefoss waterfall. NATIONAL TOURIST ROUTE HARDANGERVIDDA National Tourist Route Hardangervidda  takes you through the Hardangervidda National Park, from the high mountain plateau down through the canyons to the Hardangerfjord. On the 67 km long route you will pass the largest high mountain plateau in Northern Europe, the Vøringsfossen waterfall, the wild and spectacular Måbødalen canyon and the majestic fjord landscape. Along the routes there are many good reasons to make a stop. The trail from 1872 take hikers into the bottom of the Vøringsfossen waterfall. A visit to Hardangervidda Nature Centre is also recommended, there are excellent exhibitions, an impressive panoramic film and a good restaurant. If you have time to stay overnight or enjoy a good meal along the route, there is a wide range of options to choose from.

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National Tourist Routes

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