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Experience Kristiansund, Edøy and Veiholmen by speedboat and bus


Travel like the locals from Kristiansund to Edøy and Veiholmen. The itinerary by speedboat and bus is pre-planned, for you to simply enjoy the journey.

The fishing village Veiholmen is located at the far north of Smøla. On this trip you get to experience traveling with speedboat from Kristiansund to Edøy, before continuing by bus from Edøy and all the way to the charming fishing village Veiholmen. Veiholmen is connected to the main island with a fascinating infrastructure of bridges, embankments, and protective jetties.

Veiholmen – an operative fishing village

In the fishing village you can smell the seaweed and the ocean while watching the fishing boats coming into dock with their catch. This event gives a bustling life of seabirds and eagles who know that there is food in sight.

Enjoy a walk in the narrow alleys between the small houses, visit a local café, a museum or see an exhibition. Smøla is a popular destination for kayaking and eagle safaris, and it is also a place where you can just be. Let your eyes rest on the view of the horizon and see the moments when the waves hit land. Be present in the beautiful coastal light and feel the nature embracing your body.

Stay in Smøla for several days

For those who want to spend the night in Smøla, there are several accommodation providers in the area. Buy single tickets from Kristiansund to Veiholmen, and from Veiholmen to Kristiansund. Decide for yourself how long you want to stay.

Tickets and place of departure

The ticket includes speedboat and bus from Kristiansund to Veiholmen. Book you tickets online - these can easily be verified digitally on your mobile phone. Departure from Kristiansund is the speedboat terminal “(Kristiansund hurtigbåtkai”) by at the traffic terminal.

This travel is on your own, which means that there is no tour guide on the trip. On most trips, you must use different means of transport, and you have an independent responsible for being on time for each departure point on the itinerary. The trips are arranged for buses, ferries, and speedboats to correspond. The trip cannot be booked on holidays such as Easter and Christmas due to deviating timetables. The timetable shown applies to the periods the trip can be booked.

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Experience Kristiansund, Edøy and Veiholmen by speedboat and bus


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