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Evje og Hornnes

Almannavegen 250-400 m.o.h

Allmannavegen ("The public road") is an ancient historical road from Evje to Arendal. Starting at Odde-stemmen is continues in a southeasterly direction to Haugen/Åneland and to the road FV 42 / Arendals-veien. The landscape is characterized by forest and bog areas, and there are several nice viewpoints along the way.  The return trip is 6.4 km, but you may add another 3.7 km by following the trail to the Flaat nickel mine via the Flatebygd ski arena and the Evje mineral trail before returning to Oddestemmen.   Allmannavegen has its own marking: a white carriage wheel on a red-brown background. START: Fv 306, Oddestemmen, 700 m. from Evje kyrkje  WGS84: 58.601101, 7.845097  DURATION: 3 -4 Hours  LENGTH: 6,4 km return trip MARKING: Carriage wheel on a red-brown background. LEASH PERIOD: 1. April – 20. August LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND The nature in Evje is unique and magnificent. Do the environment a favour and take the rubbish with you, for the benefit of other hikers. Each hiker is responsible for his/her own safety.  

Bron: Setesdal


Almannavegen 250-400 m.o.h

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