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Randonee skiing to Kaldsfjødd

Kaldsfjødd is located opposite the Lislefjødd cabin village. The summit is easily accessible and suitable for beginners. This trip can also be made with backcountry touring skis. The descent is not the most challenging one, but there are several options. Our alternative is to the south-east, making the distance back to the starting point as short as possible. If you opt for a more eastern or western route, you will be further away from the car park, but the descent will be more challenging. From the starting point, by the bridge across the river Otra, you may immediately begin the diagonal ascent towards the summit. Soon you will reach the treeline, then the terrain levels out before the final ascent. With its high elevation, Kaldsfjødd is exposed to wind and weather. Varying conditions often occur – from windswept areas to snowdrifts. The northwestern part of the summit may be exposed to avalanches. WGS84 Start: 59.613558, 7.418947 Top: 59.624931, 7.36968 Parking: Lislefjødd, by the bridge across the river Otra. Pay attention to other traffic. Duration: Ca. 2 hours Vertical drop: 360 m. Orientation: Northeast / east / southeast FIND THE PERFECT LINE  Think safety when choosing a line down the mountain. Our suggestions are just recommendations. Read the terrain carefully, and consider the current snow and weather conditions. You are responsible for your own safety.

Bron: Setesdal


Randonee skiing to Kaldsfjødd

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