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Randonee skiing to Storenut

Storenut is located in Breive and is true to its name (“Big mountain”). It is a huge mountain with cliffs and steep slopes. Experience from skiing in steep terrain is recommended. The ascent is on the southern side of the mountain whereas the descents are made in a couple of steep couloirs on the northern side. These should be inspected from the road before you start as the ascent is from the other side of the mountain. Storenut can be accessed via a bridge across the channel between the lakes Hartevatn and Breivevatn. Don’t be tempted to cross the ice-covered lake. The water level is regulated and the current through the channel is strong, making the ice conditions very unpredictable. After crossing the channel you may start a diagonal ascent to the west and then straight up the pass before the vertical mountainside. If you want to descend via the westernmost couloir, you must continue along the ridge. The descent at Storenut faces to the northeast, and with the wind mainly coming from the southwest, un-stable layers of packed snow may form here. Show extreme caution when skiing in this area. Descent through the steep couloirs to the lake Breivevatn should only take place in favourable snow and weather conditions. WGS84 Start: 59.56868, 7.30166 Top: 59.564463, 7.265782 Parking: Small side road to the left before the Breive station of the Hovden Alpinsenter. Pay attention to other traffic. Duration: Ca. 2 hours Vertical drop: 411 m. Orientation: North east FIND THE PERFECT LINE Think safety when choosing a line down the mountain. Our suggestions are just recommendations. Read the terrain carefully, and consider the current snow and weather conditions. You are responsible for your own safety.

Bron: Setesdal


Randonee skiing to Storenut

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