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Hol Oude Kerk

The old church is beautifully situated by Holsfjord, 15 minutes from Geilo. The church was originally a small stave church built in the 13th century, but it has been expanded several times. The first expansion happened around the 15th century, the timber with cog part, it is called. The second large expansion was around 1798-99. The church living room: The biggest part of the two buildings that lies by the church was built in 1815. The Priest living room: was built in 1844 to the priests on their official journeys to Hol. Opening hours, open church with guide: July 1st - August 13th, Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00-16.00. Guide might be arranged off season by calling +47 481 50 015. Price: NOK 70 per adult, NOK 50 per child/student/senior, groups with 10 people and more NOK 50 per person.  

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Hol Oude Kerk

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