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Horseback riding winter - Geilo Hestesenter

A fun and challenging experience. The riding takes place mainly in Icelandic horses. They are active, but safe for those who are uncertain. If you want to ride a larger horse, tell us when you book. We have sturdy, Norwegian Dole horses who loves a ride in the snow.

It is preferable that you have horseback riding before going on this trail ride. It is a challenge to ride on snow and ice conditions. The horses are keener because of the cold, the movements are more bouncing, and the horses can step through the snow.

There are helmets available to borrow. The tour takes approximately 1 hour. Age limit 12 years.

Price 350, - pr.pers.

Last updated: 12/14/2022

Source: Visit Geilo AS

Horseback riding winter - Geilo Hestesenter

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