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White water rafting around Geilo


In Dagali, you will find one of the best rafting rivers in Europe!

The Numedalslågen river offers everything from calm, family trips to the adventurous extreme tours. The rafting season stretches normally from the end of May until September/October.

Three Rafting Poviders

There are three different providers of rafting in Dagali: Serious Fun, Dagali Fjellpark and Dagali Opplevelser. 

The three providers all have a high focus on quality, safety, and using professionally-qualified rafting guides to offer you, as a guest, an unforgettable and safe experience on the river. Before the rafting trip, everyone receives a personal follow-up with information, training, and practice. The price includes all the necessary equipment, like wetsuit, booties, helmet, life jacket, guide in each raft, and transport to/from the meeting place and river. We recommend that everyone bring a swimsuit, wool underwear, and towel!

Three difrent levels of rafting tours

All three companies offer three different tours at three different levels. It all depends on the water quantity and level, which varies from day to day. The family tour is suitable for everyone from 6 years young to 99 years wise. If the water level is too high in some parts of the route, the raft is carried around. The next tour is a bit more challenging, with a higher chance of taking a swim, and it requires more effort from all participants to paddle. For the biggest adrenaline seekers and those not afraid of water, there is a difficult tour. You must truly push yourself to the limit and will definitely fall out of the raft for an exhilarating swim.

Short about the three companies

Serious Fun
At Serious Fun, everything is possible, whether you come alone or with a whole group. You can also book accommodation in Villcamp and end the day in a wood-fired hot tub. If you want team-building for schools and businesses, Serious Fun has several activity suggestions.

Dagali Opplevelser
This is the adrenaline and action company based at Dagali Airport. In addition to rafting, you can join riverboarding, climbing, and various types of motorsports. Both families and groups are welcome. Dagali Opplevelser can assist with accommodation and catering.

Dagali Fjellpark 
​​​​If you want to experience something unique, Dagali Fjellpark also offers canyoning, where you navigate through a river course that becomes a large playground, with water slides, jumps, and rappelling. Dagali Fjellpark is located near a ski slope, and you can take a mountain cart down from the mountain, a kind of summer sledding. If you want a different accommodation, you can book a stay in a lavvu. The restaurant offers simple dining.

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White water rafting around Geilo


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