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Ørterhøvda - Topp 11 - Golsfjellet

Ørterhovda is located at Gol Alpine center / Buali, just above Oset Mountain Lodge at Gol and 1117 m. (GPS: 32 V 498 002 6743433).
The summit is easily accessible from the cabin area in Buali.
Tick ​​numbers in the tour description refers to the sign in the ground and free sketch map of the area.
From Bualie Hyttefelt:
Cross 203 through 221 to Ørterhovda (Top 7).
Total length of 2.3 kmØrterhovda is included in the Top 11 - Top trips for the whole family.
Registering your visit on 6 or more peaks, you are the prize draw.
Driving Directions
Route 51 -> Gol -> Gol Alpine Center / Buali / Oset Mountain Lodge

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Hallingdal Reiseliv

Ørterhøvda - Topp 11 - Golsfjellet

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