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Auenhaugen - Topp 11 - Golsfjellet

Auenhaugen located at Golsfjell Mountain Lodge / Auenhauglia the west of Gol and 1119 m. (GPS: 32 V 494 456 6.74456 million). The summit is easily accessible from the area by Golsfjell mountain lodge, where there is also parking. Tick ​​numbers in the tour description refers to the sign in the ground and free sketch map of the area. From Golsfjell Mountain Lodge: Cross 109 through 160 and 161 to Auenhaugen (peak 9). Total length of 1.9 km Driving Directions Route 52 -> Robru -> Gol West -> Golsfjell Mountain Lodge Starting point: Auenhauglia. How to get there: Drive Rv52 to Robru and turn right onto county road 224 Follow about 5 km to Sörböle-junction, turn right and drive about 5 miles to the Gol West until you come to the farm team Auenhauglia. There, the landscape opens up and you look down on Tisleifjorden. Park at a large garage next to Golsfjell Mountain Lodge. Tour: Follow the marked trail and follow it up through the mountainous area and the top of Auenhaugen where it is incredibly nice view. Here are Skogshorn in Hemsedal, Hemsedal mountains, Hallingskarvet and nesningsfjella. In clear weather, see "Bitihorn" in Jotunheimen mountains and other mountains. Terrain: Great hiking with good track right up to the top. Turlengd: about 3 km. Hiking time: About 1 hour up.

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Auenhaugen - Topp 11 - Golsfjellet

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