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Bro ruïnes door de rivier Lya

In Torpo you find the ruins of the Lya-bridge. It was constructed in the 1820s and bound together the first carriage road in Hallingdal. The road was completed in 1826 and was counted as one of the 9 main roads in Norway at that time. The Lya-bridge had 3 spans and large river constructions and was at that time a masterpiece. But the bridge had to give up against the big flood in 1860.Today the only remains left are the spans and the construction, reminding us of the impressive work that was put down to make safe roads in this country. This is located in Torpo, signed from the road. Park by the ruins.

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Bro ruïnes door de rivier Lya

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