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Cultuurcentrum Ål

The culture house has meeting rooms and assembly rooms of different types and sizes. Storesalen (The large assembly hall) has 350 seats and is an amphitheatre with scene and orchestra pit. The hall is being used for cinemas, theatres, cultural events and seminars. Veslesalen (The small assembly hall) has up to 90 seats and has a constant amphitheatre without scene. Mostly used for cinemas and conferences, but also as a concert hall. Gallery Syningen is an art gallery with changing art exhibitions. The gallery is also used for parties, concerts and meeting room. Dyna is a meeting room with audio-visuale equip and possibility for wireless internet. Room for up to 12 people. Stugu has a unique rosepainting exhibition working very well as a meeting room for up to 15 people. Technical facilities are accessible in the room. If you need accommodation in Ål, don't hesitate to contact Ål Tourist Information also located at Ål culture house.

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Cultuurcentrum Ål

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