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Fietstocht Bergsjøområdet Ål in Hallingdal

Bergsjøområdet, Ål i Hallingdal.

There is a fantastic choice of excursions around the area at the foot of Reineskarvet. Mountain and summer farm trails take you through some of the most beautiful mountain areas in Norway; through summer farms and past delightful fishing waters and rivers. The Bergsjø area has a gentle and charming mountain terrain with, for example, views of Hallingskarvet and Reineskarvet. If your starting point is Slakteplassen at Rødungstøl Høyfjellshotell you could cycle to Tvist, where the road forks and you can choose between cycling to Djup/Toviken or to Hovet. Both routes follow the Stolsvass dam for long stretches. From Slakteplassen you can also follow the mountain trail and cycle to Bergsjøstølen and on to Hesthovdstølen. The whole area has high mountain terrain. 2-day excursion in Skarvheimen -The Skarvheimen round trip Cycle from Rødungstøl Høyfjellshotell/Slakteplassen to Tvist, turn right and follow the mountain path to Djup and Toviken. From here you can arrange a boat crossing (including your bike) to Iungsdalshytta, where you stay overnight. We recommend taking some time to explore the area on foot before you and your bike take the boat over to Stolen. You will need to push your bike for a few metres before reaching the path back to your starting point at Rødungstøl Høyfjellshotell/ Slakteplassen. The section from Stolen is slightly longer than the section to Toviken. Boat crossings must be booked in advance at Iungsdalshytta on tel +47 975 89 394. The Reineskarvet circuit, approx. 35 km. Cycle along Rødungen to the junctions at Tvist. Then follow the signs to the right and continue until you reach the first road off to the right. Follow the good path to Eitrestølen, and continue past Skard and Reine to Fiskeløktjørne. Here you turn right towards Vats, and follow the main road back to Slakteplassen. The Skarve race circuit, approx. 65 km. Cycle down towards Skarslia and Nordheim until you reach lake Varaldsetvatnet. Then continue round Varaldsetvatnet and over the hills towards Hol. Head downhill into Hol village and follow the cycle path to Hovet. At Bry bridge you take the gravel road to Stolsvatnet. Cycle along Frosen and Tvistvatnet back to Slakteplassen.

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Fietstocht Bergsjøområdet Ål in Hallingdal

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