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Gurisethøvda - Top 11 - Gol

Gurisethøvda is located between Guriset Mountain Lodge and Auenhauglie (Golsfjell Mountain Lodge) is 1050 m. (GPS: 32 V 497 056 6745236). The summit is easily accessible from both sides. Tick ​​numbers in the tour description refers to the sign in the ground and free sketch map of the area. From Guriset Mountain Lodge: Cross 241 through 242 to Gurisethøvda (top 8). Total length of 0.7 km From Auenhauglia / Golsfjell Mountain Lodge: Cross 112, 168, 166 and 243 to Gurisethøvda (peak 8). Total length of 3.4 km It is also possible to start the trip at intersections 168 Total length of 2.1 km Gurisethøvda is included in the Top 11 - Top trips for the whole family. Registrate your visit on 6 or more peaks, and you are in the prize draw. Driving Directions Route 51 -> Gol -> Guriset Mountain Lodge

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Gurisethøvda - Top 11 - Gol

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