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Hond racen Ål in Hallingdal

Fancy some action and excitement? What about trying dog sledding at the Bergsjø area. This is an activity that suits the whole family, and which is an exciting thing to do for all ages. Maybe you are a group or a company wanting to try something new? We guarantee you an experience you will remember for a long time to come. The dog team consist of about 6 dogs that are pulling a sledge. There are space for 2 people per sledge, where one person runs the sledge and the dogs and the other one is a passenger. This activity lasts about 2-3 hours , and needs to be pre-booked.  Dog sledding can be in multiple locations in Ål. For example in Bergjsøområdet, Leveldåsen and Torpoåsen. The dog sledding starts as soon as the lakes are frozen, and it is safe to start the season. Minimum cost for dog sledding are NOK 3500 depending on how many people you are. It is not allowed to run the dog sledge in the groomed cross country trails. Contact Ål Tourist Information if you want information about dog sledding in Ål.

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Hond racen Ål in Hallingdal

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