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Nesbyen Kirke

Nes church built in neo-Gothic wooden architecture in 1862 because the old stave church in Møllevegen was too small and in poor condition. The church was designed by architect George Bull (which also has drawn east and west subway stations in Oslo), was the brother of violinist Ole Bull. The new church was the biggest in Hallingdal, and colloquially referred to as "Hallingdal Cathedral"! Alter Image from the old stave church was moved here. The organ was put in place in 1869. The church got new altar picture in 1889 painted by the artist Axel Ender. This work was a gift from Mathilde Tandberg. There was disagreement in the village about the new church would be built in stone or wood. Three were chosen because this was cheaper. Then it was already run up a plethora of pieces on the site! These were then used to build the imposing stone fence that you see around the cemetery. The chapel was built in 1954. It was designed by architect Arnfinn Rustberggard as a replica (in smaller scale) of the old stave church that unfortunately was demolished in 1864.

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Nesbyen Kirke

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