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Runde van Ørterhøvda - Golsfjellet

A varied walk with stunning views including Tisleifjord, mountain plateau, Hallingskarvet and Jotunheimen. Go past the mysterious lake Pengetjern (Monetary) and Appelsin treet (orange tree). Directions to the starting point: From Gol take the road 51 direction Fagernes. After 13 km turn off the main road to the left and follow road signs to Oset Høyfjellshotell. Remember to include tolls NOK 30. Follow the road 7 km, Ørterstølen is situated on the right along this road. Ørterstølen Hytter have detached cottages and a number of cabins. All rented with sheets and everything you need for self catering. Sleeps 6 to 8 people and there are 2 bathrooms in each cabin. Oset Høyfjellshotell, 2 km further from the road, gives you a warm reception, bed and good food. There is room in several price ranges. All trails are marked with distance marks with GPS coordinates for each intersection. The numbers in the cross walk description refers to the sign in the landscape and free sketch map of the area. Ørterstølen - Bualie - Ørterhøvda - Appelsintreet - Ørterstølen A trip to suit everyone. The tour goes on mountain roads and mountain terrain, 905-1117 m and is 10 km long. The trip will take approx. 3 hours. Park at Ørterstølen. The tour begins by walking 400 meters along the road signs from 201 to 203. Here you go through the cabin area Bualie / Gol Alpinsenter where the trail begins at the sign 221 and this is followed on to Ørterhøvda 1117 m.a.s.l. Add rest break to the top of Ørterhovda, so you can enjoy both the food and the view. Total length of 2.3 km. The mysterious Ørtervannet (lake) located on your left side. The story goes on a dairymaid that soaked a pot full of money into the small lake. That is why you hear the sound of money when you walk along the edge of the lake. Follow the path to the sign 234 Appelsintreet (Orange Tree). Especially in winter people throwing up in the orange tree. Bicycle path/trail from there follow signs 234-233 for 1.5 km through Stølsdokki to distinguish 231. Now you can enjoy views of Tisleifjord and Stølsvidda on the way down the mountain road in 1.6 km. Follow the road from Oset the last 400 meter back to Ørterstølen.

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Runde van Ørterhøvda - Golsfjellet

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