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Syno - Topp 11 - Golsfjellet

Syno is located close to Lauvset stølslag on the west side of Golsfjellet. 1067 masl. (GPS: 32 V 493324 6740495). The top is easily accessible from Lauvset as it combines hiking on mountain roads and mountain paths.   Check points in the description refer to signs in the terrain and the sketch map of the area. Road description:Rv 52 -> Robru -> Golsfjellet Vest -> Lauvsetkrysset/Lauvset    Description: Alternative 1 Checkpoint 331 by 333 to Syno (topp 10).  Total length 1,9 kmAlternative 2 Checkpoint 321 by 322 and 323 to Syno (topp 10).  Total length 2,5 kmAlternative 1 and 2 may be combined to a round trip. Syno is included in Topp 11 -hikes for the whole family.    Each top has its own code. Register 6 peaks, and you may win great prizes! Registration of the top: How to register the top:  • Note the SF (code at the top) on the participant card and hand it in at Gol Tourist Office, Oset Høyfjellshotell or Storefjell Resort Hotel.  The brochure with map and participant card, is available in the tourist office and accommodation providers. You also find it in the mailboxes on the peaks. Have a great hike and good luck with the prize draw

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Syno - Topp 11 - Golsfjellet

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