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Vaffelrunden 1 (Easy/Medium 31 km) - Golsfjellet

The Waffle tour (app. 70-90km) This route starts off at the intersection/crossroads at Fjellheimskrysset on highway Rv 51 (Gol - Leira). Follow the Golsfjellveien past the crossroads to Kamben, Ørterstølen and further on to Oset Høyfjellshotell. Continue towards the Tislei dam, cross it, and follow the road up to the crossroads at Buastølen.  Keep going straight past the different summer farmsuntil you get to Gomobu, which is the first obligatory waffle stop on the route.  From Gomobu the road is steep downhill until you get on to the Panoramavegen (Panorama road) between Hemsedal and Valdres.  On the Panoramavegen you can choose if you want the shorter route by turning left and going straight to Nøsen, where they make great waffles too, or if you want to go right and follow the signs to Trollhovd. From Trollhovd the route is downhill past Grønsetnabben og Svenskefjorden. Go straight ahead (do not cross the bridge on the right!) and follow the road along the lake and back to Panoramavegen.  Go right and stay on the main road past the Flyvass dam and further along the Tisleifjorden. Go on past Langestølen (shop) and back to Buasttølen. Go left, ride back to Oset and onwards to Fjellheimkrysset.

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Vaffelrunden 1 (Easy/Medium 31 km) - Golsfjellet

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