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Wandelen in het gebied rond de Bergsjø Ål in Hallingdal

The Bergsjø area is at the foot of Reineskarvet and is one of the most beautiful mountain areas in Norway with mountain paths, summer farms, fishing waters and hiking trails. The landscape is wild and beautiful and your hosts at your hotel or mountain-in are genuinely concerned about your enjoyment and well-being. The terrain in Bergsjøområdet is slightly hilly with many well marked and signed paths which naturally creates nice hikes with different length. See tour descriptions and map with name/number and colour codes on the different hikes in Bergsjøområdets summer brochure: 1. DNT path to Iungsdalen - approx 26 km 2. Rødungen around - approx 14 km 3. Rødungberget around - approx 5 km 4. Bergsjøen around - approx 8 km 5. Bergsjøstølen - Skard - Hesthovdstølen -approx 10 km 6. Skarslia toward the mountain 7. The old Church path 8. From Tvist to Eitrestølen The Bergsjø area is the gateway to Skarvheimen from Ål and the DNT services towards Iungsdalen, Hardangervidda and Aurlandsdalen. An excursion to the summit of Reineskarvet is the goal for many visitors and one of the high points can be the fabulous view of the impressive mountains around you. Arrival / parking: Take off from Highway 7 at Gullhagen (Hallingmøbler) and follow county road 244 to Vats. Continue on this road until you are on the high mountain. Information board and parking lots by "Slakteplassen", alternatively park by one of the overnight accommodations in the area. Recommended map: - Tour map Reineskarvet 1: 50 000

Bron: Hallingdal Reiseliv


Wandelen in het gebied rond de Bergsjø Ål in Hallingdal

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