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Ræin is a young and innovative guiding company located at a gateway to Reinheimen National Park, and Geirangerfjorden World Heritage. Their passion is to deliver high quality and personal adventures outdoor, while taking local communities and the environment in consideration.

[Ræin] offer adventures and educational courses within hiking, back country skiing, randonee, kayaking and climbing all year. Their activities are available as pre-scheduled departure, or tailored on request for private groups. Our goal is to deliver best possible product in the region for our guest, and to support our locals and the surrounding nature values.

Based in Tafjorden

Visit their website to get to know them better and what they can offer you, or stop by their adventure base in Tafjord. We recommend callin in or sending an email to get free adventure tips, sign up for a tour, or rent outdoor equipment to explore the fjords on your own.

Bron: Ålesund & Sunnmøre



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