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Brusveen Gård

The first documented reference to Brusveen Gård is in 1635. The Mustad family acquired the farm 200 years later in order to obtain rights to the hydroelectric power at Hunnselva in connection with the establishment of "Brusveen Spiger og Staaltraadfabrik", today O. Mustad & Søn AS. The farm Brusveen Gård, which today is owned by Mustad AS has remained essentially unchanged the past centuries, and all maintenance is carried out with extreme care. Brusveen Gård is today used by Mustad AS a residence for entertaining in connection with important business visitors, and is now open for business lunches and dinners. With it's unique atmosphere and eminent cuisine, this is an elegant and exclusive setting for relation-building and other special events. Businesses may also rent Brusveen Gård on a daily basis for smaller courses/conferences. The farm has 6 unique double rooms for overnight visitors. Capacity: 24 guests for lunch/dinner

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Brusveen Gård

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