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Chili Chocolate Stavanger

Chili Chocolate AS is a chocolate factory and a shop located in the heart of Stavanger city centre.

In Søregata 27, they have a shop where you can look into the production premises and maybe get some tastings of what they offer. In the factory, they make everything from exclusive confectionery with natural flavours, chocolate figures of all sizes, chilli marmalade, chocolate spreads, "tantes godteri (aunt's candy)" to homemade ice cream. 

The chocolate fountain - the main attraction of the evening

Large chocolate fountain with fruits and marshmallows. 1 fountain is enough for approx. 75 people. Must be picked up and delivered in Stavanger the day before the event. Send your inquiry by mail to or call 926 87 647.

Chocolate course and activity for families

In their production and shop, they have the opportunity to welcome small groups who wish to have a little activity or learn how to make chocolate. They can adapt to customers' wishes and are open to new ideas.

Events they have had in the past:

Chocolate course for children: 1-hour evening course for children where parents get a look around the store while they wait

Stag/hen night: Chocolate tutorial where bride/groom gets to make their own chocolate bowl to bring home

Evening for friend groups: Chocolate course for adults 1-2 hours They can also come to your local event where they can teach you about chocolate, tell you about their history and share some of their goodies.

Bron: Region Stavanger


Chili Chocolate Stavanger

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