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Engeset Trehytter (Tree Houses)

Engeset Treehouses is an unique accommodation in Sandane. The cabins have an exclusive and spectacular view of the fjord landscape. You can see the mountains reflect in the fjord on a quiet summer morning, and enjoy the sunset until late evening. At night you can lie in bed and watch the moon and starry sky through the panoramic windows.

The cottages are organically built and integrated in nature. They move with the wind, and the birds build nests in the built-in bird crates in the dressing. Summer time, with long bright days, lets you relax between the threes after a long day of mountain biking or hiking.

Engeset Tree Cabins offers three different cabins of varying sizes and accommodations.
In cabin number 1, there is space for 2-3 people. Here, you will find a double bed, as well as a hammock.
Cabin number 2 can accommodate 5-7 people. The cabin is built on two floors and is ideal for larger groups and families. This cabin have 5 beds downstairs, and there is a double sofa bed available upstairs. Cabins 1 and 2 share a toilet in a separate building.
Cabin number 3 is the newest of the Engeset Tree Cabins. The cabin has a double bed and a double sofa bed, accommodating 4 people. The cabin has its own toilet, making it more private than the other two. This cabin is accessible without stairs, allowing easy access for wheelchairs and strollers.
If you need a shower, we have facilities available.
The Trivselsskogen forrest with its hiking trails and nature experiences is within easy walking distance from the cabins.
In autumn, you can experience the feeling of being high up in the trees as the leaves fall.
In winter, you can put on your cross-country skis and enjoy the freshly groomed trails at the Kleivane Ski Stadium. If you need more challenge, you can go on guided mountain hikes around the cabins.
Mountain hikes in the Vestland region are amazing, summer and winther.
Spring brings new life, with trees regaining their life, birds chirping, and lambs from the Engeset farm, frolicking around the cabins. Despite enjoying the views, nature, and tranquility, the town center is not far away. Here, you will find the Trivselsshallen with a climbing wall and swimming pool, Gloppen Hotel is known for its excellent cuisine based on local ingredients, and Urban Lauget Café for lunch and a cup of coffee. The local bakery is also worth a vist, with freshly baked cakes and bread.
For those in need of some excursions and activities, Nordfjord Aktiv offers a variety of activities such as e-foiling, electric biking, or guided tours in the Trivselsskogen Forest.

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Engeset Trehytter (Tree Houses)

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