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Eventyrlige opplevelser | When dreams come true

Our desire, our dream, is to create experiences for you. Accommodation of high standard, in the middle of nature.

An accommodation worthy of both princes and princesses
Imagine lying in a bed with trees and a starry sky as a ceiling. Listen to the sounds of the forest as you fall asleep, and wake up to birdwatching and the smell of forest and freshly cooked coffee.

Eventyrlige opplevelser (Adventurous accommodation) will gladly provide you with this experience, a different accommodation, exciting and in keeping with nature. They offer a concept that gives you a high standard of accommodation in the middle of nature, in a unique combination with local food, exciting experiences based on short trips and sustainable resources.

On land: Do you want to sleep in a hotel room made out of solid wood close to nature, or in a hotel bed under a canvas in the woods?
On water: Would you rather spend the night out on the water that will lull you to sleep, under a canvas, overlooking the sky, water and the campfire?
In the air  Or would you rather climb up and lay in a hanging tree tent between the trees? Wake to birds chirping and views of the mountain?

All three concepts are accommodation of a high standard, in the middle of nature. 

Bron: Visit Lillehammer


Eventyrlige opplevelser | When dreams come true

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