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Fjällnäs Est 1882 – Fjällnäs Explore

Fjällnäs is located on the border between Sweden and Norway. We live with the unspoiled wilderness on our very doorstep, where the opportunities to hike, run in the mountains, go cycling, horse riding and off course great skiing in the winter season are infinite. We also have an exclusive spa, where we have gathered knowledge from all over the world to replenish your vital force after a tough day out on the mountain.

At Fjällnäs, we live with an unspoiled wilderness on our very doorstep.The weather changes very quickly and just as unexpectedly. Our senses are thrown violently between extremes. Blinding, impenetrable snowstorms abruptly revert to icy, clear blue skies, and bleak, stony rocks give way to flower-covered slopes.

Only by coming so close to this total wilderness, can you truly understand its primitive power, its savage beauty. It is a strange and rare landscape, created by the movements of the ice sheet nine thousand years ago. In some places the panoramic views stretch for at least 200 kilometres in every direction. And with more than 60 mountain peaks, more than 300 kilometres of prepared Nordic ski trails, and countless marked hiking tracks, you will never have to cover the same ground twice.


Bron: Destinasjon Røros


Fjällnäs Est 1882 – Fjällnäs Explore

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