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Fjord Nature

Fjord Nature provides quality adventure experiences in western Norway. Our speciality is to make sure our guests have unique and authentic experiences of Norwegian culture and nature

Fjord Nature provides quality adventure experiences in western Norway. Their speciality is to make sure their guests have unique and authentic experiences of Norwegian culture and nature. Kayaking, e-biking, hiking, climbing, ski touring or snowshoeing in the magnificent Sunnmøre alps are their core products. Fjord Nature is a part of the group “62° NORD Hotels & Adventures”, which consists of luxury hotels, bespoke experiences, transportation and food & beverage.

The history

Our story goes back to 2019, just before the “lock down”. The founder, Helge Kvam Karbø, decided to keep going and focus on giving experiences to the local community where we are based in, Hellesylt.

After two years of building up a quality adventure product they finally started to get people from all over the world visiting in 2022. Fjord Nature worked hard with no compromises or shortcuts and managed to hire some of the most experienced guides in Norway to join their team.

From the beginning it has always been an important part to focus on highly skilled and educated guides, not only for a safety reasons, but also because the guides have an important role as hosts for the guests. Fjord Nature therefore cooperate with the outdoor guide university in Volda, as well as Norwegian Nature Guide Association.

62° NORD Hotels & Adventures

In 2022 Fjord Nature became a part of the highly respected company “62° NORD Hotels & Adventures”, a family-owned Norwegian travel company offering transformative travel adventures and high-end hotels for the conscious traveler. Together this is a complete travel and hospitality group with activities, transport, hotels and local culinary experiences. Please have a look at

The main office is in the charming fjord village of Hellesylt, but there are also activity centers on all the hotels in the group, Hotel Union Øye, Storfjord Hotel and Hotel Brosundet.


Sustainability, together with skilled employees, is Fjord Nature's most important core value. They just got Eco-Lighthouse certified and are working hard everyday so their footprint is as small as it can be. They also focus on building a living community in small fjord villages in Norway, by hiring full time guides and employees in their company.

Do you want to experience the Norwegian fjords or just have a talk? Fjord Nature are waiting for you.

Bron: Ålesund & Sunnmøre


Fjord Nature

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