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Ljøsnåvollen Seter - Accommondation

Ljøsnåvollen is a traditional summer mountain farm that offers accommodations and food service for hikers. The summer farm lies in the DNT’s well marked grid with trails to Langen, Marenvollen, Røvollen, Skedbrostugan and Vauldalen.

The easiest way to the farm is by bike from Feragen (12 km). This is a popular daytrip, were it’s possible to buy something to eat along the way. In addition, you can combine a trip to Storvigelen, the highest mountain (1561 amer. ) in the Røros district. Approximately, it takes three to four hours to the top.

The mountain farm is one out of two in Røros that still operate traditional summer farming with milk cows in the summer.

Last updated: 10/28/2022

Source: Destinasjon Røros

Ljøsnåvollen Seter - Accommondation

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