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Maihaugen for children

Living history, grazing animals and educational family activities!

Go on adventures between the historic houses and pretend you live in the old days! At the open air-museum Maihaugen, the past feels bright alive.

See opening hours at Maihaugen!

Living history

Maihaugen is Norway's largest open-air museum and many of the historic houses have open doors, so you can have a peek through the door into the past. Here you can visit everything from Queen Sonja's childhood home to Garmo Stave Church.

In mid summer, you meet actors dressed in costumes that make the past feel bright and alive.

The train at the station is open during the summer, so you can come in and pretend you are going on a journey.


During the summer, animals are grazing in the open-air museum in the same way as they have done in the villages for centuries.

You can meet goats, cows, sheep, pigs, horses and hens.

In the lake by the mountain farms there are fish, and you can try catch one with an old style bamboo rod.

Exhibitions ​​​​

In the exhibition Impulses, children can solve Mission Impulses, an exciting rebus at child height among Maihaugen's finest treasures. Maihaugen also has several other exhibitions both indoors and outdoors.

Enjoy a snack or a meal at Maihaugen's spacious café or feel free to bring a picnic lunch if the weather is nice.

See everything that is on for children at the daily programme at Maihaugen's website.

Last updated: 09/05/2023

Source: Visit Lillehammer

Maihaugen for children

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