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Norway's national monument Haraldshaugen

Haraldshaugen was erected to commemorate the unification of Norway by Harald Fairhair. The monument is located at Gard, 2 km north of Haugesund.

Snorre Sturlason’s kings’ sagas make reference to the site where Harald Fairhair was buried, which is believed to have been found last century. The national monument was erected on top of this mound in 1872, to mark the millennium celebration of Norway’s unification into one kingdom.

It was designed by architect Christian Christie, as a large burial mound surrounded by a granite wall with 29 standing stones, each representing one of the old Norwegian counties. A 17-metre granite obelisk with four bronze panels around its base stands at the top of this mound. Each panel depicts important scenes from the life and times of Harald Fairhair.

Krosshaugen, one of 60 stone crosses in Rogaland, is also found in this area. The stone cross is from the earliest period of Christianity in Norway. It may commemorate the farmers adopting the Christian faith at the ting assembly, and the Christian mass is also believed to have been read at these stone crosses before a church was built.

Where can I park when visiting Haraldshaugen?

There is a car park next to the monument.

Are there toilets nearby?

The closest toilet is at Haraldshaugen Camping, which is very near the monument.

How long does it take to walk to Haraldshaugen national monument from Haugesund town centre?

It takes around 30 minutes each way to walk to Haraldshaugen national monument from Haugesund town centre. Pop past Haugesund Tourist Information in Haraldsgata 131 for directions and a free city map.

How do I get to Haraldshaugen national monument by bus?

To get to Haraldshaugen, take bus 201 to Bleikemyr from Strandgata Terminal or Bytunet in Haugesund city centre. Get off at Gard. More information about public transport in Haugesund and the surrounding area is available here.

Can I cycle to Haraldshaugen national monument?

It is easy to cycle to Haraldshaugen from Haugesund town centre. If you don’t have your own bike, you can hire an electric city bike from Kolumbus, or join Viking Adventure on a guided e-bike tour(must be booked in advance).

Are there shops, cafés or kiosks near Haraldshaugen national monument?

The Kiwi grocery shop at Gardsenteret (Nygårdsvegen 6) is the closest shop. Note that it is closed on Sundays. We recommend that you buy something to eat and drink beforehand if you are starting the walk in Haugesund town centre. You pass both Lutchfood and Jåblom Bakst on the way (both open on Sundays).

Universal design

There is wheelchair access around the monument, but there are steps up to the top of it.

Bron: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet


Norway's national monument Haraldshaugen

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