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See how aquvavit is produced!

Visit our distillery! Thousands of visitors every year choose to visit us, either for private events or as events for work relations or as a part of various organizations.

Aquavit Distillery Tour & Tasting

Visit Anora and experience the taste, history, traditions and production of Norwegian Aquavit.

Upon arrival at the distillery, a professional from the house will welcome you. During the distillery tour, you will gain in-depth knowledge on how Aquavit acquires its unique flavours from the selection of botanicals, through distillation techniques and to the final maturation.

Cask maturation of Aquavit is unique to Norway. From the balcony in the impressive warehouse you will enjoy the view of 8000 oak barrels maturing various Aquavits from six months up to twelve years. They even mature an Aquavit in cask on deck of a ship crossing the Equator twice during a four months journey.

The tour ends with a tutored tasting of Aquavit in unique surroundings.

•             Pre-booked groups only

•             20 years age limit

•             Duration 1h45

•             Serving of traditional foods on demand

Contact us for further information on or read more in our website

Welcome to an exciting visit and tour with us.

Member of Visit Greater Oslo 

Bron: Visit Greater Oslo


See how aquvavit is produced!

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