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Sogn Kunstsenter, Lærdal

Sogn Art Centre is situated in Lærdal Cultural Centre at Lærdalsøyri, together with The Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre and the Salmon Café. 

Lærdal fostered it´s own great painter who donated more than 1500 pieces to the municipality. This is what led to the village having its very own art centre. Here, you can experience the art of Hans Gjesme (1904–1994) along with contemporary exhibitions, at a venue shared with the exciting Wild Salmon Centre and Lærdal Cultural Centre and Laksen café and bakery.

Gjesme was a talented young boy, who at the age of 16 had already started training in Kristiania (now Oslo). He also studied in Paris, among other as a student of renowned artist André Lhote.

Gjesme worked with the Lærdal landscapes and inhabitants as his main motifs. At the centre, you will be able to view much of his art, as well as other contemporary exhibitions. Outside you can enjoy the quiet surroundings by the Lærdal River.

Opening hours:

17th June - 31st August

Every day from 11:00 - 18:00

Bron: Visit Sognefjord AS


Sogn Kunstsenter, Lærdal

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