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The Viking Settlement at Avaldsnes

The Viking Farm is situated on a small wooded island about a 20 minute walk from Nordvegen History Centre, which takes you through a fantastic cultural landscape. The Viking Farm was reconstructed based on archaeological finds made in Rogaland.

The royal estate at Avaldsnes was situated on the plateau where St. Olav’s Church stands today, and the Viking farm on Bukkøy island shows how ordinary people lived in the Viking Age. These people were farmers and fishermen. They were craftsmen and merchants. They were poets and explorers. You can learn more about these sides of Viking life by visiting the Viking Farm at Avaldsnes. The farm can teach us about how our ancestors built houses, the materials they used and how they lived.

The Viking Farm is open to visitors during the summer season, with guided tours at scheduled times. The tours emphasise living history, a chance to touch and feel the historical elements, see Vikings and people working on needlework or other activities, many of which you can try yourself. For example, if the weather permits, you can learn to shoot with a bow and arrow or try your hand at games common among the Vikings. The largest Viking festival in Western Norway is also held at the farm in June every year.


Last updated: 09/11/2023

Source: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet

The Viking Settlement at Avaldsnes

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