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Welcome to Brimi seter mountain farm

At Brimi seter we offer unique experiences by serving self produced food at the barn loft. You will get to know the farmyard and its history, and see how we produce our local cheese. Here you will experience a beautiful scenery, true stillness, and cultural history at its best.

Summer season We open the summer season at Brimi Seter around the end of school each year. And then open every day all summer until about the start of school. Check the website for updated dates. You can find web booking at www.brimi-seter.no In summer, you have the opportunity to spend the night in a brisket upstairs in the barn, a lavo in the yard or a room in the seat house, and be served our signature menu, a 4-course tilt-to-toe menu at the long table in the barn at 7 p.m. We offer a 1-day package and a 2-day package, where a 4-course tilt-to-toe menu is included in the package. 4-course tilt-to-toe menu Our signature menu is popular and a meal a little out of the ordinary. Then we set up a long table in the barn and set out home-forged table grills and melt home-produced cheese. It is served with lots of good flavors and storytelling. Table setting at 19. (Table reservation) We serve a tilt-to-toe menu every evening in the summer season, and on Saturday evenings in the spring and autumn seasons. You can reserve a place in our web booking. Open seating café and shop: Open in the summer season from 11am to 6pm every day. Setter food such as sour cream waffles, sour cream porridge/cured food and good old-fashioned meat soup with good home-baked bread. Other lunch dishes, such as sitter pizza, can also be on the table. In our seder cafe, we sell our own seder product from milk, seder pig and cattle. You will also find a selection of other local food products and gift items here. Seat irons In our cheese factory at Brimi sæter, we make sour cream, butter, kjuke (table cheese) and white cheese all summer. The cheese factory also has its own maturing cellar, where the white cheese is left to mature throughout the winter. You can follow the entire process - from milking and cheesemaking to storage. Weekend package spring/autumn season In spring and autumn, from mid-May to the end of October, we offer a comprehensive weekend package. These are often popular weekends for trips with friends/family celebrations. We accept larger groups/companies on weekdays in the autumn season. Read more about the weekend package on our website. We also have a couple of other packages you can book in the autumn, check web booking. Christmas menu: We close at the end of October, but are open for Christmas dinners with an extended tilt-to-toe menu on two weekends in November/December. (Ask us for date)

Last updated: 08/15/2023

Source: Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv AS

Welcome to Brimi seter mountain farm

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