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Brim Explorer

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Get closer to nature

Experience some of the most famous fjords and wildlife in Norway on a comfortable catamaran with hybrid-electric or fully electric engines. Brim Explorer brings you closer to nature through carefully crafted tours with engaged and knowledgable guides. Our ships are designed with your experience and the needs of the wildlife in mind.

Brim Explorer operated in Tromsø during the winter, Lofoten in the summer and is present in Oslo all year around. Join for a dinner cruise with a view of the Oslo skyline and the famous opera house. Join an adventure to see humpback whales and Orca's feast on herring in Tromsø or glide through the majestic and famous Trollfjord in Lofoten, with minimal noise from the ship's engine.

Regardless of the destination or the experience, you will enjoy a premium experience with expert guides. You are sure to bring home some cherished memories.

Brim is an Old Norse word that means "breaking wave" – the crest of a wave that causes disruption and change. Brim Explorer aspires to change the way we travel by boat experience nature in Norway and help drive the shift towards a better future for travel for both nature and people.

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