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Kylling Bridge and Vermafossen waterfall

Kylling Bridge and Vermafossen waterfall

The iconic Kylling bridge is one of the most famous Norwegian railway bridges and is one of the largest single buildings on the Rauma line. Vermafossen is the largest waterfall in Romsdalen and is close to Verma and Kylling bridge.

Kylling bride is a railway bridge that is in hand-hewn stone. The bride crosses the river at 60 meters high measured from the riverbed. It also named "a tiger leap in stone". You will find Kylling bridge at Verma, at the top of Romsdalen. From the road you can also see Vermafossen which plunges 381 meters down from the mountain edge.

The distance between Kylling bridge and Åndalsnes is 40 km and it takes about 35 minutes by car. Follow the E136 towards Bjorli. Below the shop at Verma there is a marked path to the lookout point towards Kylling bridge. Here you will also find an information board. A popular photo motif is when the Rauma line crosses the bridge. The train times for the Rauma line can be found on and we recommend being in place when the train departs from Åndalsnes or Bjorli.

Last updated: 01/29/2024

Source: VisitNordvest

Kylling Bridge and Vermafossen waterfall

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