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Dyrskuplassen is one of the best-developed event sites in the country with good camping space, sanitary facilities, green area, small streets and farmyard.

Dyrsku`n – The Agricultural Fair- a modern folk tale If anything shows community spirit in Seljord it is the agricultural fair which has been arranged for 130 years. Seljord plays host to more than 60,000 visitors for three days in September. You will have to look pretty hard to find another festival like ours this far north! The fair grounds (over 30 acres ) are fully equipped with all modern facilities. It is a popular place for all kind of activities, from national folk music competitions to the World Cup in Icelandic Equestrian Events (1997). Dyrsku`n is the great annual meeting place for people and livestock. Everyone shows up here! Family and friends, farmers and contractors, horse-breeders and tradesmen, dealers and manufacturers come to Dyrsku`n year after year, for a good bargain or just to enjoy this unique folkfestival! 80 000 visitors over 3 days 650 exhibitors uAlways starts on the second Friday in september The many exhibitions still an important part of the fair. The Cattle ShowWith long traditions, excellent surroundings and friendly atmosphere, Dyrsku`n is regarded as the foremost venue for cattle owners,  where prestigious prizes are being given out. The Trade exhibitionAnything that money can buy, from hi-tec agricultural machinery to old clocks, sports gear and ecological food Arts & Crafts The works of the most prominent craftsmen and –women in the fields of textiles, wood work, knives and rose painting are displayed. There are prizes for both tradition and innovation. Locally prodused food has become more and more popular at Dyrsku`n . You can taste and buy goats-milk cheese made at the farm, salted ham from pigs fed on apples, or freshlybaked kling amongst many other norwegian specialities

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