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In a bay at the furthest point of Stadlandet is the village of Ervik. Ervik boasts one of the best surfing beaches in Norway.

The village is small but has a wealth of history and activities. Next to the beautiful sandy beach is the distinctive churchyard and the memorial chapel that stands in memory to the accident involving the ship Sanct Svithun in autumn 1943. The ship was attacked and sunk by allied fighter planes, and many of Ervik’s inhabitants risked their lives to save the passengers.

In Ervik you can find everything from the largest shipping liner company in Norway, to impressive farms, an Italian cheesemaker, and an old smokehouse in Stad that serves dishes that give you a taste of the local heathland.

There are some fantastic walks in Ervik, such as Hovden. For a guided walk in the area, contact Stadt Naturguiding to find out more about the area and its rich history.

Bron: Nordfjord



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