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Østre Toten

Kolbu kirke

Kolbu church is a cruciform church, built from timber with interlocking corner joints. It is the main church in the parish of Kolbu. Before the current church was built there were churches in both Dyste and Molstad. In Dyste, the remains of the stone altar have been preserved and sermons are still held here on special occasions. Kolbu church was built in 1730 and has been restored several times, most recently in 1952. Around 2,700 people belong to the parish of Kolbu. The altar piece from 1877 was made by Christen Bruun and is a copy of “Resurrection” by Adolph Tidemand. Inset on the sides of the altar piece are catechism tablets from an older altar piece. There are also many items from the old church at Molstad. The large church bell from 1855 is enclosed in a special structure on a small elevation in the churchyard. The church has three galleries and seating for 460 people.

Last updated: 11/03/2023

Source: Visit Innlandet

Kolbu kirke

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