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Vang i Valdres

Riddarberget. Høre

In The Høre Forest in Vang there are clear remains of a rural fortress. The fortress stretches east-west about 150 metres and north-south approx. 75 m. The remains of the fortress consist of three long walls. Under the castle is the "secret passage" through a narrow gap in the rock, and a large room under the castle called "Stallane" – “The Stables”. Cultural walk to Riddarberget: Follow the E16 to Ryfoss and exit onto road 293 towards Høre. At the intersection, turn left towards Høre Stave Church. Keep driving until you see the Høre School on your left, and park your car. Follow the road by foot for about 700 m and you will pass by the Høre Stave Church. Keep going for another 400 m. and make a left by the main sign: “Kongevegen, Pilgrimsvegen og Kulturløype”. From here, follow the path marked “kulturløype” (culture path). When the two paths, “kulturløype” and “Kongevegen” split up, turn left. From here the culture path continues southeast and you will meet a road, Gydas veg. Turn right and follow Gydas veg for 50 m, and turn left onto a tractor road, where the culture path continues. Just below the farm, Kviishaugen, turn right and southwards. After Bade­myre, turn left on the path to Riddarberget. This is one of two fortresses in Vang. There are traces of fortresses in many locations in the country, and most of them date back to the migration period ­(200– 400 a.d.). From Riddarberget, follow the trail downwards and to the left, and after ­crossing the river, you are on the walkway between Høre and Ryfoss. Turn left and keep going until you are back on road 293, where you turn left and return to the school. There are information boards along the route.

Bron: Valdres Destinasjon


Riddarberget. Høre

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