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The Russvass dam, which has been a central element in timber floating in Fardøl since 1860, is an impressive structure with a needle dam dating back to 1893

RUSSVASSDAMMEN Russvassdammen in Borggrend is one of the most impressing timber floating dam were the wood are restored. At the same time the vegetation close to the dam is removed so that the dam can be seen in the terrain. How to get there. By the main road, to the valley of Borggrend, you will find an information sign, were there is a marked trail to the dam. By the dam you will find a second information sign that inform you about the timber floating. Across the dam, you may continue your trip on a marked trail to a road. Following this southwards you will return to  Borggrendsvegen and then walk back to the parking place. The whole round-trip is about1.5 km. You can use ordinary jogging shoes.

Bron: Vest Telemark



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