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Storatjørna - Dulsete

Storatjørna - Dulsete

This is a nice walk through a rich botany landscape in the Mørkrid valley. On the trip you will see the Kakkasgjels falls, silent and magic small lakes and old mountain huts.

On this route you find both idyllic and dramatic scenery. The first part of the way you walk along Mørkridselva (the Mørkrid River) that runs rapidly through the canyon above the bridge. When the water is low, you can see a pothole (jettegryte) in the middle of the river as you pass the top of the first hill just above the car park.

The road/path through the Mørkrid Valley (Mørkridsdalen) used to be an important cattle trail because of the many summer farms (stølar) in the area.

If you bring a map, you will see the names of some of these summer farms. Before arriving here at Hødnevollen, you have already passed Bratten and Dalen, and further into the valley and mountains there are Knivabakkli, Dulsete, Råsane, Liane, (Lange)Dalen, Fossen, Nobbi og Fjellsli.

The production of cheese on the summer farms ended in the fifties, but many cabins have been kept up, and a few new ones have been built and used for recreational purposes, and as shelter for farmers who are looking after their sheep. More than 2000 sheep pasture here in the summertime.

When you reach Storetjødni (-tjørna) ( tjørn= very small lake, tarn) you keep to the right along the shore. As you go on, you will find three more tarns called Djupetjødni (the deep one), Flåtjødni ( the shallow one) and Svinetjødni  (the pigs' tarn).

This whole area is the most interesting part of the walk, and one should take time to study the vegetation and listen to the birds, especially if you are here in the early morning or at sunset.

Dulsete was not only a summer farm, but in the old days they even cut grass here, dried it, stored it, and took it down to the main farm in winter.

(It is possible to extend the walk and visit several other summer farms, and there is also a marked path across the mountain to Åsetvatnet (the lake at Åsete)

Parking: Leave highway 55 at Hauge bridge in Skjolden. Drive toward Mørkrid. Park at the end of the road 5 km from Skjolden at Hødnevollen.

Maps: Mørkridsdalen 1418 II (1:50000), or Breheimen (1: 100 000)

We wish you a pleasant and interesting walk.

Last updated: 02/29/2024

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Storatjørna - Dulsete

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