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The Vikingship Gaia

The Vikingship Gaia, a replica of the Gokstad ship, was built in Sunnmøre in 1990. The ship is 23.55 metres long and 5.25 metres wide with a height of 18metres from water to the tip of the mast. The ship was given as a gift to Sandefjord town from the shipping company Knut Utstein Kloster in 1993.

17th May 1991 "Gaia" with Ragnar Thorseth and his crew sailed from Norway. They sailed to North America via the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland. This was to celebrate the 1000 years anniversary for Leiv Eriksson's expedition to North America (the Wine-land).

The ship is ancered in the harbour by Gokstad Kystlag at Framnes if it is not on tour.

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Vestfold

The Vikingship Gaia

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